These are things I wrote / write for.

I'm Calling Long Distance, my first feature-length film -- shot and improvised in three hours and co-starring Ian Abramson
Your source for the realest news happening in the dumbest world.
In this one-act play, a young writer named Eleftherios, nicknamed "Elvis", struggles to find his voice in the big city until one day a voice finds him and convinces the down-and-out writer to murder. Arrested soon after, the two devise a plan to pin the murder on an entirely-believable culprit: Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
After years of radio silence in the stand-up world, Ray Cotolo released his debut comedy album in 2017 where he explores himself and the art of performance in a critically-controversial half hour. Because of this album, a cultural schism exists to this day in America between people who enjoyed it and those who think Ray should retire effective immediately.