It’s been long in the making, about three-hours long really. After a long gap between projects, I fired and hustled to shoot my latest film Make the Best of it! in just about three hours and released it under a week later. It runs about 27 minutes and stars myself and some of my friends including comedian Ian Abramson. I hope you enjoy it. The film is available for free on my YouTube channel and can also be found under the videography tab on my website.

Thank you.



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  1. This new film you made reminds me of an Ingmar Bergman psycho-drama. Not one in particular. Dark and looming with a looming darkness, a sense of death as loneliness. There is that crucifix over the character’s shoulder and other symbols (the cat, the exploding spleen) that I could read into but for the most part, the shades of the rooms, the night outdoor, turning off the car lights go with the mood.

    I think you and Ian should do a pal-pick. The shrink scene, though only dialog, makes me think you guys could romp a bit, do some bits, break the fourth wall and ignite what chemistry might be there.

    Other thoughts, because I know you, can be discussed in private.

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