Of all the websites you could’ve possibly visited, thanks for making mine one of them. Here you will find a collection of projects I have created as well as other projects and work I have done in the world. Really the goal of this website is to get me verified on Twitter and maybe show all the mediocre-at-best work I’ve made in my time on this planet. 

A couple of rules to establish when browsing this website:

1) Having fun on this website is not required HOWEVER it is encouraged

2) If you see things I’ve made and think “Wow, if he can make [insert content here] well then maybe he can make [insert thing you want to make here] well too,” contact me. 

       2a) Because of simply how many offers I get, I will be more obliged to work on projects that also come with some form of payment. However I do not take bribes OR brides. 

3) I am not a licensed medical professional so any injuries sustained from the Ray Cotolo Experience trademark are non-refundable, non-treatable and, most importantly, non-negotiable 

4) I reserve the right to block people from this website if they try to say I’m starting a band called “The Ray Cotolo Experience”. I most likely will not but just know I thought of that joke before you. 

And now with all the legal jumbomumbo squared away, please safely enjoy the content I have created. 



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